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Welcome to the blog of the Barnet Green Party's Hendon group. Andrew Newby was Green Party candidate in Hendon constituency in the 2010 general election.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Barnet Greens waved their Oyster cards to show their support for public transport as they gathered for the launch of the party's council election campaign.
The party is running 51 candidates across 19 wards, almost a full slate and easily the biggest contingent that the party has put up for election.
Its key pledges are:
Jobs: We will press Barnet Council to do more to help prepare local 16-24 year old people for the world of work and to help them find jobs.

Nationally, the Greens want to create a million new jobs through the Green New Deal.

Homes: We will work to ensure that Barnet Council takes serious steps to encourage the building of affordable homes to buy or for rent.

Barnet’s performance in meeting local housing needs is among the worst of all the London boroughs.

Insulation: The Greens’ national ambition is for free insulation in all homes. We plan to submit proposals to Barnet Council for improved policies on insulation for public and private homes.

20 mph Speed Limit: Barnet Green Party is proposing a 20 mph speed limit on all residential and shopping streets in the borough.

Lower limits lead to a sharp reduction in accidents and also reduce people’s sense of fear and danger. People walk and cycle more and feel safer about letting their children walk or cycle to school.

Public Transport: Greens will continue to campaign for better local bus services and will fight any threat to Tube services or ticket office staffing at stations in the borough.

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  1. Good pic but you need to put a , between tags.

    Please sign this http://www.gopetition.com/petition/41478/sign.html
    against the closure of Church Farmhouse Museum. It might be a good photo Op for elected people, to say it's "not for sale" next to the sign.