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Welcome to the blog of the Barnet Green Party's Hendon group. Andrew Newby was Green Party candidate in Hendon constituency in the 2010 general election.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Vote for Policies: Security

In a blind test of policies whilst ignoring personalities and tactical voting, Greens policies often come out on top.
Here is a summary of what we had to say in 2015 on Foreign Policy / Defence.  We call this "Security"

  • Make a new international agreement to tackle climate change the main foreign policy priority.
  • Cancel Trident replacement and decommission existing nuclear forces and facilities.
  • Work to reform the United Nations and associated bodies, to reflect better the needs and interests of all countries, and make the UN more representative and effective through abolishing permanent seats on the UN Security Council.
  • Promote trade which supports the well-being of workers without breaching sustainability limits.
  • Increase overseas aid to 1% of GDP, write off and write down unpayable international debt.
  • Seek negotiated settlements to a range of conflicts around the world, block sales of weapons and military equipment that increase misery and death for non-combatants, and take a leading role in preventing violent conflict.
  • Outlaw the use of torture, the sale of torture equipment and the rendition of people to countries where torture is not prohibited.
  • Take proportionate measures to protect against terrorism, ensuing that civil liberties are not undermined in the process, that communities are not scapegoated and that action reflects a genuine assessment of the threat to our security.