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Thursday, June 23, 2016

on Brexit

Having been very close to the coal face engaging with all the campaigns across our borough, I tried to think big and help build an overwhelming mandate. Only 100,000 voted against Brexit in Barnet. These were largely in the "posh" areas, with my team sharing my doubts about Britain Stronger in Europe - Barnet Group and the Labour In campaign. One example of a miscalculation was the off-message shouting in High Barnet that we say no to Boris Johnson as Prime Minister, which polls show is not an effective message. Rather than re-enforce the class divide we need to bring Barnet's workers and middle classes together, who have been divided over the issues of migration, the economy, and so on.
I was upset about a trend of verbal and physical abuse notably the loss of mum-of-2 Jo from a Britain First member.
Our campaign was entirely peaceful and law-abiding. Matthew Offord (the re-elected Tory MP for Hendon) is probably very happy right now, which is no victory for the left exit camp, whose arguments were largely drowned out by arguments about pencils and pens driven by first time voters.
I campaigned across the EU against "Fortress Europe" and I hope that we can resist becoming the new Turkey, being paid to erect borders by the EU's Frontex agency.
Wilst we expressed serious concerns, some environmentalists I spoke with were worried about the pressure on our green belt, due to population trends whether it's unsustainable housing developments or too many cars clogging our huge road network.
The next thing on my to-do list is to continue to stand up for our human rights, review Green policies that will need updating, in the run up to the county council elections, and take bold steps to protect wildlife areas like Dollis Valley Green Walk, and the Welsh Harp reservoir in West Hendon and Brent. As we look for the next Natalie, I hope we will reflect on Caroline Lucas' performance during this whole Brexit campaign given that her leadership bid with Jonathan Bartley is about "the power of working together".

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