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Welcome to the blog of the Barnet Green Party's Hendon group. Andrew Newby was Green Party candidate in Hendon constituency in the 2010 general election.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Manifesto launch and Council

We had a little tent protest outside Hendon Town Hall and then went inside for Council where I sat at the back of the gallery reading the Conservative Party Manifesto (with it's not so catchy title).  OMG! They are dull!  I made a big mistake not reading the environment chapter first because my attention span has totally gone.  The same shocking claims repeated, the same tired ideas, and total lack of detail or evidence.  But the Green manifesto reads quite well I think.
Meanwhile in the Council Chamber there was much discussion over the general election campaign.  More exciting was the heckling from 3 loud individuals mostly, who are absolute legends.  They are quite well known in activist lefty circles.  I think the heckling was quite embarassing and to make matters worse at the ajournment to "clear the gallery" I was given a banner to hold up and Councillors Alan and Alon took photos on their smart phones.  Something about 80% market rent.
It is such a shambles but I am used to it. - Ben

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