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Monday, January 4, 2010

Dismore's expenses were immoral

Hendon MP Andrew Dismore is living in a dreamworld if he thinks he has done nothing wrong by claiming a total of 65,000 pounds in expenses for two homes both within easy reach of Westminster, says Andrew Newby, Green Party candidate for the Hendon constituency.
"Dismore's constituents are more likely to think he has had his nose in the trough in a big way."
Parliamentary records released in November show that Dismore claimed a total of 65,000 in second home allowance from 2001 onwards, first for his partner's flat in Notting Hill and then for his own house in Hendon.
"Dismore may not have broken any rules but he has taken advantage of them to cream off a fat sum of money for his own benefit when he quite clearly does not need a second home at all because his constituency is a short Tube ride from parliament," Newby said.

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